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The Northman (Robert Eggers)

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    Dafoe sul "salto di budget" rispetto ai precedenti film di Eggers:

    “It’s a huge movie. It’s a muscular movie. My involvement isn’t nearly as expansive as ‘The Lighthouse.’ I’m in a supporting role, but it was thrilling. The level of research and detail is there, but on a much bigger scale. We gave them the time to prepare for this huge jump in budget and size of production. The sets are fantastic.
    You have the same kind of detail he gave to his smaller films. Sometimes when you have a jump in budget, directors can have a hard time and they end up delegating and lose control. I didn’t feel that. I felt like he was still driving it.”
    Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.


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      Vabbè visivamente sarà strabiliante questo è chiaro, sbavo per il primo trailer


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        Ci sarà da aspettare assai visto esce tra quasi un anno.


        In esecuzione...